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 Welcome to our low cost auto parts website. Savings up to 80%. Buy not just cheap auto parts, but also performance accessories wheels and tires. Great source for inexpensive 4x4 truck parts too.
 No reason to spend a lot of cash to keep your old beater running! Brake Pads Sensor alternator CV joints axle 4WD Muffler Exhaust and more.
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Most of the time it is cheaper to keep investing to keep your clunker running rather than sell it and get a new vehicle. If you figure that payments on a new ride are going to be around $300 per month. For less than half this much money, you can keep your junkmobile on the road for many more years. I always believe in driving my vehicles until they are completely dead. I will never trade it in and it's last trip will be to the junk yard and only if the transmission or engine goes bad.

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Anything else you can fix yourself for a few hundred dollars. One of the most expensive things I ever purchased was a air conditioner pump. It cost $220 for a rebuilt one and took me an hour to replace. Since it sat right on top of the engine, access was very easy. Muncie I did go to the dealer so they could vacuum out the air and charge with R134a freon. So for about $310 I had nice cold air! Cincinnati Louisville Atlanta This was way cheaper than paying a shop $900 for the same job.

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